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  1. Declan Matthews

    I’m really really thrilled with everything you guys did, from my first phone call to you, through the whole process. I’ve never made any prints of my work at this level before, and you guys bossed it all the way. Thank you so much for all of your help, input and enthusiasm. The calendars look super and I think everyone’s going to love them! Hopefully I’ll need to order more from you guys very soon!
    Everyone was wonderful! I’ve never done a print job like this, and it was, as silly as it sounds, a big deal for me. I was intimidated initially by the process, and not knowing industry lingo, or the difference between 120# glossy stock and my elbow. Absolutely everyone I spoke to or touched this product made a difference for me, one hundred percent positively. I have told every person about it and will definitely put you guys on my site, and will come to you again for reprints or a new project!
    If you have a happy client board somewhere, I’ve attached my thanks Printing for Less photo to this email.

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